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Document Filing Monitoring System

The System is highly important in the modern world to enable everyone to manage their business and operational documents efficiently and safely. 

Document management includes, but not limited to, storage, scanning, indexing, retrieval, distribution and control of the pertinent documents. The System is the substitution of paper usage workflow with automated process for the purpose of entirely removing the print-out and manual procedure of sorting documents in paper that would entail cost-saving by the user organization or individual. This system is definitely efficient and user-friendly.

Among its features is a table of all parties involved in each documented transactions with a link that would point into the location of the documents. The records will be automatically backed-up to ensure that a secondary copy will be retrieved in case of accidental deletion or cancellation of the said files. A table of all documents recorded in the system may be displayed and a standard template of each document transactions will be made available for easy access and usage. A search engine may be opted for an easy inquiry and retrieval of available documents. Any wrongly recorded documents may be easily deleted or cancelled through a Cancellation of Transaction option.